Hands and Eyes

Our hearts expression of love through our HANDS

Let us consider the beauty of our hands and eyes, even just for a moment. What an amazing tool and gift from God our HANDS and EYES are. For with our hands we can in respect, gently touch another, expressing our tenderness, care and love. With our hands, we can give unto others our blessings and share our energies and bring radiant smiles. With our hands we can introduce ourselves to a fellow traveller with a handshake, as we say hello, we can even salute another in honour. With our hands we can give hugs to those who might be in need of their friend, or to those who are feeling alone, or to those who are upset, or going through a difficult time. With our hands we can reduce the pain of another, and bring healing to our loved ones, or those in need, even unto ourselves if need be.

In other areas, such as creativity, with our hands we can create works of art, paintings, drawings and different crafts. We can write and produce books that teach, inspire, strengthen and edify others. We can learn to play instruments by teaching our hands rhythms, we can write song, express thoughts and reveal our hearts with our hands, we can take photos, and capture precious moment and memories that can exist forever. The list of things we achieve with our hands is endless when we pause for a moment with thankful hearts and consider! Consider for example the new-born baby in its mother’s arms, and the unconditional love she gives unto her child, the comfort, joy, and care she expresses from her heart through her hands, or the times when her softness compassion and love coming from her heart through her hands soothes her child in times or pain, sickness or distress. 

From our hearts, through our hands we can accomplish so much good in this world, we can achieve almost anything with our hearts through our hands. When we stop and consider in our hearts the uniqueness of ‘OUR HANDS’ we will perceive and discover that they perform uncountable little miracles as numerous as the stars of heavens. We should consider just how blessed we are, for each little miracle we act out from our hearts through our hands day by day, moment by moment makes this world a better place. This is just one little miracle. Its my hearts expressions of love coming through my hands, that create the healing effect and so are yours.