Energy Therapy


The aim of the energy treatment is not only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate cause of the it! Treatment of interaction in which both the therapist and the patient actively cooperate. Energy therapist converts cosmic energy and dissipates it by tapping and other methods, the patient who receives it in his bio field and thus begins the process of self-healing. Space and time are not an obstacle in the treatment of contact for energy and process energy healing therapies. Healer can also work the therapy from a distance.


Healer connects with cosmic energy and uses his body as an antenna and certain hand gestures and other techniques, directing energy towards the patient. The patient is standing relaxed, sitting or lying depending on the individual and his diagnosis, receiving the life energy to his body and cells. The client can have their eyes open but, because eyes are a disturbing factor for those who want to feel the energy, it is better to close them. After the patient receives healing energy (prana, chi, ci) in their bio field (energy body, bio plasma, aura, etc.), which is a subtle imprint in to the material physical appearance.

Alone the therapy has a beneficial effect on both the healer and the patient and their health and helps to cure and improve the mental and physical condition of the patient. Energy therapy takes about 15 minutes and is performed for three consecutive days, which, if necessary for the patient, may be repeated.

Energy healing treatments with Lili Sironic


With energy healing you can treat all kinds of diseases:

The disease is the result of the overall mental state. Nobody can heal the disease – not medicine doctors and not even energy healer. Medicine in its own way, and we are on our own way – trying to bring order in the defense system. When you put it back in the order, then the body heal itself by itself.

The most common problems or diseases to be treated are: allergies, asthma, osteoarthritis, migraine, epilepsy, diabetes, high cholesterol, gangrene, spine problems, rheumatoid arthritis, hearing problems, sinus problems, eye problems, gout, urinary arthritis, neuromuscular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diseases of the psyche, blood disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the stomach, bowel disease, liver disease, kidney disease, bladder disease, thyroid disease, prostate disease, tumors, cancer, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, herpes, female problems, painful menstruation, mastitis, ovarian cysts.

How we implement the energy healing treatments:

Energy healing is performed on each person individually, and this for three consecutive days. Depending on the individual’s need, the treatment can be repeated.

Payment of therapy:

A healthy person has countless desires, sick man only one – to be healthy again! Energy healing technique preformed by Lili Sironic is not having price. We wish fact that the therapy is freely available irrespective of the social status of an individual. Of course, it is correct that satisfied patients – those who have energy healing facilitate problem, thank you. This should be done according to their abilities and judgment.

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