Energy boosting

About “Energy boosting” technique

Energy boosting

Some words about the method of ‘Energy boosting’. In this method of energy healing, which represents the vital energy of the Universe, but is called by different names: Prana, Qi, Life energy, electromagnetic fields and some more. With its help, the body fills up its own cells with energy, which ultimately means boosting the immune system. Lili’s healing technique is very effective with the treatment of illnesses, and as a means of prevention. When the body is already attacked by disease, we use the ‘Energy boosting’ method to prepare your body and make easier to defend itself. This method may be carried out at an individual level or at group level.


You know that you know nothing.

Find out that knowledge.
That is liberation (mukti).
-Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi


About energy healer

In the latter case, the validated theory of quantum coherence (English: Entanglement) which allows energy to be supplied irrespective of the location or the recipient energy healers energy. In any mode, energy healer applies its energy but acts as a transceiver, which operates in both directions: in case there is a pain that is associated with an excess of energy to a specific site of the body, and can also be sing of a seizure. Energy healer is not healing, it does not diagnose, but only implements a technic. By receiving the “Energy Boosting technic” which fills the cells with Life force, the cells can again properly do their job which we call a self-healing process. Psychokinesis, which we do at the beginning, indicates the condition of the immune systems of the person, which supplies energy: the more that person feels the various bending, withdrawals and similar hands, the more the immune system is weakened and the more likely it is that this person will get really ill without assistance. During the therapy gentle feelings are present from heat at the points where the energy is applied with a slight tingling, cold, gentle breeze or in the case of the eye kind of lightning, etc. Extremely important is the fact that the technic of ‘Energy boosting’ is natural, safe, non-invasive, affordable, painless and mostly friendly to the input energy to the recipient.

 With “energy boosting” techniques we can help raise the immune system of every living being, plants, animals and humans.


Let us consider the beauty of our hands, even just for a moment.


The aim of the energy treatment is not only to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate cause of the it!

Weekend workshop

This workshop is intended for all who wish to learn the energy healing technic performed by Lili Sironic.